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  • Known limitations

    Due to the limitaitons of the APPX/MSIX technology the following features of 7-Zip are currently not supported:
    • Context menu in files and folders (However you can still associate 7-Zip File Manager with supported file types)
    • File Type association within the app: You can not associate file types within the options menu of 7-Zip File Manager. However you can use the Windows Settings to associate 7-zip with supported file types.

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    Thank you for packaging this to the Windows Store. Can you replace this with the 64-bit version of 7-zip though? The 32-bit version runs into errors when compressing large files with high compression rates.


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      Hey Neil Gomes

      thank you for the response. I am currently waiting for the next release of 7-Zip so I can implement the update to the new version and the x64 version in one step. But lets say if there is no new release of 7-zip within the next 1-2 month I may publish the x64 version anyhow.

      Thank you for the feedback.



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        I think that limitation is not longer existing with 7-Zip.

        All you have to do is to update to the latest version of the application.

        There is a guide on Techslott as to how you can do it


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          Thank you for the reply. We are refering here to the version of the Microsoft Store. The original 7-Zip does not have this limitation.